Trustees and Advisors

In addition to the above, subsequent trustees who have contributed a great deal to the well-being of the Trust have included:

  •     The Late Syed Vilayet Hussain Taqvi
  •     Mr. Mustafa Kasim Ali Gokal
  •     Mr. Abdul Khalq Chagla
  •     Mr. Asaf Ali
  •     Dr. Yahya (John) Cooper
  •     Dr. Reza Shah Kazemi
  •     Syed Safdar Jaffrey
  •     Syed Faisal Ali Khan
  •     Syed Ali Hasan Kazimi

The present day Trustees are:

  •     Syed Mohammad Raza Shabbar (Founder and life Trustee)
  •     Syeda Khalida Batool Rahman (Chair)
  •     Syed Zulfiqar Haider Naqvi
  •     Dr. Mohammad Esmail Mesbahi
  •     Dr. Asad Jafar Baig
  •     Syed Naiyer Mehdi Zaidi
  •     Masoom Ali Ramji
  •     Ms Kaneez Zehra Fazil
  •     Mr. Abbas Gokal (Founder Trustee and currently advisor to the Trust)