The Amazing Calligraphic works of Allameh Abbas Mesbahzadeh

mesbah_chahardeh_masoomThe Muhammadi Trust has embarked on one of its most prestigious projects to date: the reproduction of the works by the great calligrapher, Allameh Abbas Mesbahzadeh. It is hoped that the production of a pictorial book will be available, in limited edition. Completion date will be announced later.

Allameh Abbas Mesbahzadeh

Haj Agha Abbas Mesbahzadeh is a well known Allameh who has studied Islamic Law and Jurisprudence with eminent religious personalities like the distinguished Marajeh seyyed Sadruddin Sadr, Seyyed Ahmad Zanjani, Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Khonsari, Shaikh Abdunnabi Araghi and Haj Agha seyyed Hussain Burujerdi. He also attended the classes of Gnosis and Ethics of Imam Khomeini and profited from the private discussion programmes on Astronomy, cosmic, Gnosis and Poetry given by Allameh Seyyed Mohammad Hussain Tabatabaei. With his expertise in Tableegh he has established many Islamic centers around the globe. He has also been involved with the Muhammadi Trust for many years. Furthermore, Allameh Mesbahzadeh is an accomplished astronomer, internationally acclaimed for the production of his annual lunar and solar calendars. He is also renowned for the production of prayer timetables for most cities of the world. He is a painter, a writer, and a poet. He has produced some thousands of poetic compositions.

Many are aware of his contributions to the above but only a few know the extent of his lifetime dedication and commitment to the noble and sacred art of Islamic calligraphy. He is passionate about calligraphy, which he began at a very young age. The clarity of the Qur’anic message is reflected in the purity of his style. Allameh Mesbahzadeh¬†has a unique ability to visualize an entire Surah, enclosed within the space of any shape. His work itself speaks volumes and its quality visually enriches the viewer. He has so far produced an amazing amount of almost four thousand pieces of calligraphic works. Of these, two hundred to two hundred and fifty of the finest will be reproduced in the intended book.

His calligraphic works are inscribed at numerous religious places and centres in the world including Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Great Britain, Canada and the United States of America.

The following are just a few examples:

Masjid Nabavi, Medina Munawara (Saudi Arabia)
Heram Sharif Imam Ali (AS), Najaf-e-Ashraf (Iraq)
Masjid Saheb-uz Zaman(AS) Darband, Tehran (Iran)
Hermayn Sharif, Kerbala-e-Moalla (Iraq)
Heram Sharif Imam Raza (AS), Mashhad-e-Muqadas (Iran)
Heram Sharif Hazrat-e-Zaynab, Damascus (Syria)
Heram Sharif Hazrat-e-Masoomeh, Qum (Iran)
Masjid Ameerul Momineen, Tehran (Iran)
Muhammadi Trust Centre, London (UK)
Masjid Markaz Taalimi Islami, Washington (USA)
Masjid Mohammadi, New York (USA)
Masjid Jaaferi, Toronto (Canada)

The Muhammadi Trust intends to print only 700 copies of this exclusive and finest collection of Allameh Mesbahzadeh`s calligraphic works in A3 size, priced at GBP 500.00 (US$1000.00) per book. In addition to the above there will be 50 copies of a special boxed souvenir edition, signed by the calligrapher. This will also include two limited edition prints to frame and display. Souvenir edition is priced at GBP 1000.00 (US$2000.00) per book.

There is now a manifest interest in this forthcoming production. Those of you interested in reserving your copy of this seminal work may please confirm in writing as soon as possible. This invaluable acquisition will provide you a lifetime of pleasure and an excellent insight into the mastery of the most sacred art of Islam.