Hall Booking Terms & Conditions

Specific Terms & Conditions (Booking)

Event Cancellation: Should you have to cancel your booking, a charge may be made equivalent to any loss suffered by the centre as explained in the following conditions:

1)    Payment may  be made by cash / cheque / UK postal order and made payable to ‘The Muhammadi Trust’

2)     Booking activities must be in compliance with UK Health Regulations.

3)    A Hall Booking Handover form must be completed and submitted to the duty manager on vacating the hall.

4)    Any costs incurred for a particular event that otherwise would not have been incurred will be charged in the event of cancellation.

5)    Payment should be made within 3 working days of approval being granted. Failure to do so may lead to approval being annulled. In this case a new Hall Booking Request form shall be required for submission.

6)    In the event that you cancel your booking, a cancellation fee shall apply as follows:

  • 20 % fee if cancelled within three weeks of the booked date
  • 50% fee if cancelled within two weeks of the booked date
  • 90% fee if cancelled within one week of the booked date

Should you be able re-book a similar event at a later date, the assistant center manager shall review any cancellation costs at his/her discretion. Such a booking must be made within two months of the cancellation date.


7)    Depending on the total value of the booking, the center may require a non refundable deposit.

8)    The center reserves the right to cancel your booking due to any reason which is outside the centers control

General Terms & Conditions

1)    Hall Booking Requests are subject to approval, after which confirmation will be given.

2)    The Muhammadi Trust is a religious establishment, therefore please dress appropriately.

3)    Strictly no alcohol, music, or smoking is permitted on the premises.

4)    Halls cannot be used for any purpose other than what they were booked for. Failure to observe this will nullify the booking, the function immediately being halted and fees forfeited.

5)    A refundable deposit is required to cover damage & cleaning. Damage must be reported, including property, fixtures & fittings, equipment and furniture. Repair costs will be deducted from the deposit. The hall(s) must be left in the same state in which it was found or £50 cleaning costs will be deducted from the deposit.

6)    You must ensure that booking times are strictly adhered to, and that halls are cleaned & vacated within these times. Failure to adhere to this shall incur a surcharge of 25 pounds per hour, in addition to the hourly rate, which shall be deducted from the deposit.

7)    If the applicant is unable to attend for any reason, he must advise the center immediately. The applicant’s representative must show the booking form to the duty manager prior to using the premises. Entry will not be granted should the form not be presented.

8)    Bookings are limited to 12am in all seasons.


9)    No unauthorised fundraising may be conducted on the premises.

10)  Responsibility of the contract lies with the applicant and this responsibility is not transferable.

11)  The center name, logo or telephone number may not be used in any advertising, or other publicity without prior written consent of the Assistant Center Manager.

12)  No sings, displays, posters or other material may be fixed to the walls of the center without the prior authorisation of the Assistant Center Manager.

13)  If your booking involves the services of an outside contractor, then you will indemnify the center against any damage to property or illness or injury to any person and against all claims, costs demands, proceedings, and damages arising there from.  Any external contractor employed by you must report to the duty manager at the hotel and sign the hotels standard contractor’s indemnity form.

14)  EMERGENCY EVACUATION In the event of emergency alarm sounding please leave, the building immediately via the nearest safe exists and report to the security.  Do not re-enter the building until you are told it is safe to do so.

15)  SMOKING. Please note that smoking is not permitted through the building

16)  SECURITY. Please inform the centre management if cameras or recording equipment is to be used during your visit. Please note that that there are CCTV cameras in operation.

17)  Children to be accompanied by parents / guardians at all times. A bottle and food warming service for children only is available free of charge upon request.

18)  Cars are parked at owner’s risk.




1)    You will be responsible for activities in the booked halls. This includes   sale of unlicensed goods, illegal goods, problems or accidents resulting from the booking. They will not be covered by the Centers public insurance.

2)    Please safe guard your property. The center will not accept any liability for loss or damage to property.

3)    Unless the center is liable, you will indemnify the center from and against any liability for loss of, or damage to property.

4)    Unless the center is liable, you will indemnify the center from any illness, or injury to any persons during the time of your booking, and all claims, costs, demands, proceedings, and damages arising there from as a result of the event.

5)    You are advised to consider your insurance cover in respect of (3) above.