Joint Statement on Muslim Soldarity and Unity

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

On Monday 13th May, a Unity meeting was initiated and organized by the Muslim Council of Britain, MINAB (Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board), the Al-Khoei Foundation, MAB (Muslim Association of Britain), COEJ (Council of European Jamaat), Majlis Ulama Shia Europe amongst others at the East London Mosque.

Despite very short notice, the meeting was very well attended by representatives from leading national, regional and local organisations as well as prominent Sunni and Shia scholars. Representatives from the Metropolitan Police Force also attended the meeting as did the victim of the violence caused in the sectarian attack at Edgware Road on Friday 10 May.

The meeting was chaired by Farooq Murad. It received a report from the representatives of the Police. The police were closely questioned by participants about the causes for its inaction so far. However the police were assured of community support for addressing the problem effectively and indeed proactively.

There were a number of contributions from the attendees – all welcoming whole heartedly the initiative delivered in convening the meeting to show unity and solidarity in our communities.

The following statement was agreed for publication:

We unequivocally condemn the acts of criminality resulting in violence in Edgware Road on 10 May. The violence was clearly motivated by hate and sectarianism.

We declare that such acts carried out by a tiny group of people are disgraceful and barbaric and need to be addressed robustly without fear by the law enforcement agencies.

We commit ourselves to ensuring that such groups remain isolated and marginalized from our mainstream communities.

We urge that our community stands firm against those who propagate or tolerate the rhetoric of takfir (charge of unbelief) for anyone who believes in the oneness and supremacy of Allah, in Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the seal of the prophets and who faces the qibla (direction of the Ka’bah) in prayers.

We extend our sympathy and support to the victim of these unprovoked attacks.

We call upon the Police and other law enforcement agencies to take timely and robust action against perpetrators of sectarian violence as it threatens the peaceful fabric of our society.

We affirm our resolve to remain united and respectful of our differences and we will continue to show strength in our unity and send a loud and clear message to merchants of hatred that their divisive actions will not succeed.