Selected Supplications

Selected Supplications


This is a book containing a wide range of prayers, invocations, supplications and ziarats, that is, means by which pilgrims venerate and greet the holy personages to whom homage is due. The prayers are presented in the original Arabic, along with Urdu and English translations.

The book can be regarded as a prayer manual, teaching various specific supplications to be made after different kinds of prayers, obligatory, optional, those given on particular nights, during Ramadan and on other special occasions; more general supplications that can be made at any time; a chapter on the special properties of certain verses of the Holy Qur’an; and a chapter on the ziarat to the Prophet and his holy progeny.

Binding: Paperback Publisher: Muhammadi Trust First Published: 1986 Reprinted: 1988 Size: 148mm x 210mm Pages: 232 Language: Urdu